Doc.PaedDr., RNDr. Stanislav Katina, PhD.

"... the scientist's soul dwells in his head; the poet's soul dwells in his heart; the singer's inhabits his throat; but the soul of the dancer inhabits all his body" Kalil Gibran (1926, in Sand and Foam, adapted)

Address :

Department of Applied Mathematics and  Statistics
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and CS
Comenius University
Mlynská dolina
842 48 Bratislava
Slovakia, EU

Room : M-245

Phone connections :
(+4212) 60295135  this is direct line to my room
(+4212) 65424841  this is direct line to the secretary of the Department of Applied Mathematics and  Statistics
(+4212) 65425882  this is the dean´s fax

E-mail : katina@fmph.uniba.sk


  • Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University, Bratislava (PaedDr. in Biology Education)
  • Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Comenius University, Bratislava (RNDr. in Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics, PhD. in Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Doc. in Mathematics)
  • Tango University, Buenos Aires (Sistema de Notacion Coreografica de Tango danza in the class of Prof. Rudolfo Dinzel)


  • International Society for Clinical Biostatistics - committee member
  • Slovak Statistical and Demographical Society - committee member
  • Slovak Biometrical Society - committee member
  • International Biometrical Society

Publications, Conference Presentatioins, Invited Lectures, CV:

Writings in preparation, submitted and accepted:

  1. Bowman, A., Brown, D., Katina S., 2010: The identification and analysis of lip shape. Book of Abstract IWMS 2010 (accepted)
  2. Motovska, Z., Kocianova, I., Petr, R., Odvodyova, D., Fischerova, M., Katina, S., Osmancik, P., Widimsky, P., 2010: Long-term follow-up of patients with platelet membrane glycoprotein VI polymorphism following premature myocardial infarction. Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis, Vascular Biology (accepted)
  3. Motovska, Z., Widimsky, P., Kocianova, I., Petr, R., Odvodyova, D., Fischerova, M., Katina, S., 2010: Secondary prevention of major adverse cardiovascular events in patients with platelet membrane glycoprotein VI polymorphism. Book of Abstracts European Society of Cardiology (accepted)
  4. Riecansky, I., Katina S., 2010: Induced EEG alpha oscillations are related to mental rotation skill: the evidence for neural efficiency and serial processing. Neuroscience Letters (accepted)
  5. Riecansky, I., Kašpárek, T., Řehulová, R., Katina S., Přikryl, R., 2010: Aberrant EEG phase synchronization to gamma-frequency flicker in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research (submitted).
  6. Frelat, M., Katina, S., Weber, G.W., Bookstein, F.L., 2010: An affine-adjusted analysis of tibial shape in hominoids. American Journal of Physical Anthropology (abstract, accepted)
  7. Coquerelle, M., Benazzi, S., Bookstein, F.L. Braga, J., Katina, S., Halazonetis, D.J. ,Weber, G.W., 2010: The modern human mandible prior to M1 emergence: a closer look incorporating muscle insertions and the deciduous tooth arrangement. American Journal of Physical Anthropology (abstract, accepted)
  8. Benazzi, S., Coquerelle, M., Fiorenza, L., Bookstein, F.L., Katina, S., Kullmer, O., 2010: Comparison of Dental Measurement Systems for Taxonomic Assignment of First Molars. Journal of Anatomy (accepted)
  9. Benazzi, S., Fiorenza, L., Katina, S., Bruner, E., Kullmer, O., 2010: Quantitative Assessment of Interproximal Wear Facet Outlines for the Association of Isolated Molars. American Journal of Physical Anthropology (accepted)
  10. Placha, M., Balazova, M., Kovac, V., Katina, S., 2009: Age and growth of non-native monkey goby Neogobius fluviatilis (Teleostei, Gobiidae). Folia Zoologica (accepted)
  11. Degma, .P., Katina, S., Sabatovičová, L., 2010: Horizontal distribution of moisture and Tardigrada in a single moss cushion. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research (in press)
  12. Bodoriková, S., Kováčová, V., Kvetánová, I., Katina, S., Kubová, J., Domonkošová Tibenská, K., 2010: Trace elements analysis of teeth in individuals from the former crypt in St. Catherine monastery in Dechtice (district Trnava, Slovakia). Scripta Medica (accepted)
  13. Domonkošová Tibenská, K., Bodoriková, S., Katina, S., Kováčová, V., Kubová, J., 2010: Reconstruction of dietary habits on the basis of dental microwear and trace elements analysis of individuals from Gáň cemetery (district Galanta, Slovakia). Anthropologischer Anzeiger (accepted)
  14. Šefčáková, S., Katina, S., Mizera, M., Halouzka, R., Barta P., Thurzo, M., 2010: The Late Upper Palaeolithic skull from Moča (Slovak Republic) in the Central European context. Anthropologischer Anzeiger (accepted)
  15. Katina S., Riecansky, I., 2010: Affine and non-affine multivariate outliers: thin-plate spline relaxation and principal component analysis for spatial data (draft)
  16. Králík, M., Katina S., 2010: Distal part of human hand: study of shape variation and sexual dimorphism by geometric morphometrics (draft)
  17. Oberzaucher, L., Katina, S., Holzleitner, I., Schmehl, S., Mehu-Blantar, I., Grammer, K. 2010: The myth of hidden ovulation Texture and shape changes in the face during the menstrual cycle (draft)
  18. Katina S., 2009: Thin-plate spline relaxation for shape data (draft)
  19. Katina S., Mizera I., 2006: Penalized regression model in Shape Analysis: total variation penalty in image warping and statistical inference (draft)

Professional interest :

  • Statistical Shape Analysis
  • Multivariate Outlier Detection and Relaxation
  • Robust Statistical Methods (location and regression depth)
  • Penalized Regression Models
  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • Computer Statistics and Data Analysis (especially in R)
  • Applied Statistics (Biostatistical Models, PCA, Survival Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, LM, LMEM, GLM, Regression Trees, Frequency Analysis of Time Series)
  • Physical Anthropology (Biometric Indentification, Evolutionary Biology, Auxology, Craniofacial Biology and Forensics, Sexual Dimorphism, Dental Diseases)
  • Clinical Anthropology (Cleft Lip and Palate, Schizophrenia,
  • Cystic Fibrosis, Neurotoxicity of PCBs, Chronic Myeloic Leukaemia)
  • Electrocardiology (Hypertension, VCG and ECG parameters, spatial maps)
  • Morphometrics in Zoology and Ecology (Allometry of Fishes)

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Dance education, Personal Interest: 

  • Salsa - Bratislava, Slovakia

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